Author - Ken Mackay
Illustrator - Sue Briginshaw


Tasmania’s answer to New Zealand’s Hobbits has arrived in a stunning new book called Bluey’s Magical Adventure by Ken Mackay. Stunning llustrations by Sue Briginshaw highlight the story set in Tasmania and Transylvania where dragons, snarks and magicians fight epic battles for survival.

In this book one enters the fantasy world of Tasmania’s Tolkien, of innocent dragons, an evil Count Dragu, shapeshifting goblins, Snark pies and Gooberberry slices, of secret castles and ancient caves and seas. It is a world that once one enters, one will never want to leave; a story to keep reading over and over about the adventures of the intrepid young dragons and elder magicians.

A delightful children’s book that will appeal to readers of all ages – to anyone who has made up stories for children and watched their eyes light up as they dream off with fantastical characters, strange foods and exotic locations.
This book makes a fine contribution to Australia and New Zealand’s world leading
contribution to children’s fantasy books.
-Don Defenderfer